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Lanterns FAQs

Following the instructions found on the mantle package, tie or clip the mantle to the lantern...Mantles are cloth and when new they are soft. Before you can use your lantern, it is necessary to burn the mantle with a match. When the mantles are burned for the first time, the cloth fibers burn away and leave a natural source chemical ash that, when heated, produces a bright incandescent light. If you try to burn your new mantles with the fuel from the lantern, the mantle is likely to tear.. Once the mantle is burned, you can light your lantern. At first use, we recommend that you light your lantern with a match to allow the mantles to heat up and shape themselves. Using the electronic ignition on the first lighting can cause the mantle to break.

Your Coleman® stove and lantern using liquid fuel or propane are designed for outdoor use only. All fuel appliances (Stoves and Lanterns) should be used outdoors in well-ventilated areas clear of combustible materials due to the danger of fire and the emission of carbon monoxide (CO) from burning fuel and the effects of carbon monoxide exposure.