Care and Cleaning of Life Jackets

  1. When you are finished with the PFD for the day, let it drip-dry before stowing.  When stowed, make sure and stow in a well-ventilated place.  Also, it's a good idea not to leave the jacket on board for a long period of time when the boat isn't in use. Vests function best and last longest when they are stored in dry, cool, dark places.  
  2. Never try to speed the drying time of your PFD by placing it on a radiator, heater, or any direct heat source.
  3. Check your PFD often for rips, tears, holes, and maker certain the straps and hardware still function well.   There should be no signs of the PFD being water logged, no mildew odor should be present, or visible shrinkage of the buoyant materials.
  4. When required by law to have a serviceable PFD on bard, it is up to you to check the PFD to make certain it is serviceable.  Check your PFD's at the beginning of each boating session to make sure you are within the law.