Esky® is The Number One cooler in Australia. Many imitate, many try and call themselves an Esky®, but there is only one Esky®, remember if it doesn’t have the Eskimo, it isn’t an Esky®. An Australian icon, invented in Australia sixty years ago and most of the Esky® range is still produced in Melbourne Australia. There are two key Esky® ranges the True Blue Esky® and the Ice King Esky® Range. The True Blue range are great everyday Esky®’s. Perfect for a BBQ, Picnic, or for taking your lunch to work. The Ice King range is for serious cold action! Guaranteed to keep ice for up to 5 days at 32 degrees.

Over 60 years on since the first Esky® and over 50 million coolers later, Esky® has cemented its place in the hears of all Australians. We now even have a National Day - Esky® Day - to kick-start summer.