The first product Coleman ever made was a light over 100 years ago. Since then we have made hundreds of different models and produced millions of them. In fact it is fair to say Coleman are world leaders when it comes to outdoor equipment, lighting and camping lanterns.

The first choice with lighting is how you want to power the light, electric (rechargeable or battery) LPG or fuel. Depending on what access to power sources will affect which route you go down. The Dual Fuel™ range means you can use Coleman Fuel (shellite) or normal unleaded fuel. 

Within the Electric lighting range are both rechargeable or battery powered options, or now there is the CPX light and lantern range. This technology allows you to choose your power – choose the rechargeable power pack, or normal batteries. Plus you can switch power packs between all products within the CPX range.

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Coleman started as a lantern manufacturer - it was the first product we made and we've now built over 50 million lighting products, so it's fair to say we know more about lighting up your outdoor life than anyone.

The Coleman Difference

  • Over 50 million lighting products sold
  • Use only the best materials and components
  • A range of power options; LPG, DUAL Fuel and rechargable
  • Unparalleled testing to the limit
  • Unique patented technology - innovations you can only get from Coleman