Sleeping Bags

You can rest assured that you will get a great nights sleep when you are using Coleman camping bed products. Our fantastic line of compact sleeping bags will provide you with incredible warmth and comfort, and all of our 'aussie tough' bags are inlaid with ComfortSmart™ Technology, the industry leading innovation for protection and comfortability. All Coleman Sleeping bags also come equipped with Zipplow, a technology which prevents the zipper from getting stuck. 

All of Coleman compact sleeping bags also have Thermolock technology, which will serve to keep any heat from escaping through the zipper of the sleeping bag. When you spend the night camping in one of our sleeping bag products, whether you choose to do so at home, at a campsite or anywhere else, we believe that you will experience a level of warmth and comfort that you won't receive from any other product on the market.

Rest assured, you won't lose any sleep over this decision. Coleman have been designing the best sleeping bags and air beds for years.

The Coleman Sleeping Bag Difference

  • Coleman are the cotton bag ligns - to ensure your comfort.
  • Every sleeping bag is hand-checked before it leaves the factory.
  • Coleman rates its bags with a comfort rating, so you will always be comfortable within that temperature range
  • Coleman bags come in a range of styles
  • They feature innovative Coleman ComfortSmart technology