Instant Up

Why choose Coleman Instant Up tents

When looking to buy a pop up tent, you should consider a Coleman. Australia has a unique climate and as well as containing a wide range of conditions, which presents problems to most campers. However, if you are prepared and have the right tent, one that can stand up to these conditions, you will be fine. With this in mind, here are three reasons why you should buy a Coleman instant tent.

Fast: Coleman Instant up tents are up - Fast! When out in the Australian wilderness, you don’t want to take an hour setting up your tent, especially if you are tired and have been driving or hiking all day. Luckily, Coleman has you covered as the instant tent is easy to set up, and it will only take you a few minutes to get it ready for a good night’s sleep.

Climate: Without a doubt, if you are in Australia, you feel the heat. Not only that, the temperature can drop rapidly, leaving you freezing at night. Here at Coleman, we know this and design our camping tents accordingly. If it is hot, you are able to open up numerous windows and vents to allow for ventilation. When it is cold, you can close everything and rug up in a Coleman sleeping bag. We design tents that work for your unique situation, no matter what the Australian climate throws at you.

Bugs and such: Think about it, if you are out in the Australian bush and a bug crawls in your tent. This can be deadly as everyone knows that Australia is home to a lot of dangerous bugs and other creatures. To sleep soundly - free of bugs - you need a secure tent, and Coleman provides tents that close all the way, which won’t leave any chance for an animal to sneak in.

If you are like most people who camp in Australia, you know how difficult it is to camp with the average tent. But, you are in luck as Coleman makes the best tents for all occasions.