Tents and Shelters

Camping is a wonderful activity and the perfect excuse to get out of the house and into true nature. But with the fun of the trip come the hassles of setting up, worrying about getting cold and dirty, and keeping the food fresh and out of reach of animals. A camping trip has to be planned out well. And to plan the perfect camping trip, one needs the perfect camping gear. Especially the perfect camping tent.

Whether you are using a family tent, a backpacking tent or a dome tent, you depend on a tent for protection from insects, weather, and even wild animals. The tent is the most important piece of camping equipment, and having the right one on hand can make or break your camping trip. 

Why Choose A Coleman Camping Tent?

Built to remain standing in all weather and guaranteed to keep you dry, Coleman camping tents were made with the toughest conditions in mind. With everything from cabin tents to pop-up tents, Coleman provides shelter designed and built 'Aussie tough' for harsh Australian conditions, and sets the standards for all camping tents. When you have a Coleman tent, you can be assured that your trip will be a success!

The Gold Series of Coleman camping tents are the best, with the longest warranty, and Coleman's pop up tents can be set up in minutes, making every camping trip a breeze. Known for their durability, Coleman camping tents are a must-have for your camping experience.

With a Coleman tent, you eliminate the hassles of setting up, of your tent being blown over by wind, and of your having to lay on hard, rocky ground. Your tent takes care of all of those problems and sets you up for a good and well-protected night of sleep.

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From our rain room to our wind tunnel, Coleman tents have gone through the works before they make it to the shop floor.

Why are Coleman Camping tents different?

  • our tents are designed here in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Undergo unparalleled testing including wind and rain tests
  • Have innovative designs to ensure easy setup
  • Utilise exclusive technology to ensure the best waterproofing on the market