Colemans Scavenger Quiz

What You’ll Need:

Print outs of the tasks for the challengers
Any items for challenges like glue, paper safety scissors, crayons and pencils

Before you play:

Step 1: Cut out all the pictures. Two or three per child is generally a good number to have.
Step 2: Hide the pictures all around the backyard.

How To Play:

• Depending on the number of people you can play in teams or individuals.
• Send off the challengers with a time limit of half an hour to complete the 8 challenges.
• At the end of the time limit they must come back and show how they have gone.
• You then score each of the challenges out of ten. The team with the highest score wins.
• You can award bonus points for best team work, or certain challenges could have mystery prizes.

Challenge 1: Make a necklace out of leaves
Challenge 2: Create a work of art out of anything you find in the garden
Challenge 3: Draw 5 living things that you might see in a pond
Challenge 4: Design a pirate flag (not just drawing it but with cutting and pasting)
Challenge 5: Using crayons or pencils make rubbings of three unique items
Challenge 6: Find some items to dress up as a creature you may see when you go camping
Challenge 7: Bring back something that is alive
Challenge 8: Act out a scene from one of your favourite movies

Feel free to create your own unique challenges that suit your environment.