Bush Fire Scavenger Hunt

What You’ll Need:

Several pictures of fire. Either hand drawn, cut from magazines, or printed off the computer.
A bags for each child.

Before you play:

Step 1: Cut out all the pictures. Two or three per child is generally a good number to have.
Step 2: Hide the pictures all around the backyard.

How To Play:

Step 1: Show the children a picture of a fire, and tell them that there are several “fires” all around the backyard (the bush). Explain that each team is a pair of fire fighters, who must find and put out as many bush fires as they can in three minutes.

Step 3: Give each child a bag to put the fires into.

Step 4: Ring a bell, or yell ‘FIRE!’ to indicate that it’s time to start putting out fires.

Step 5: When the three minutes are up, call all the children back. The child that has put out the most