What You’ll Need:

10 or more sticks

How To Play:

  • Grab 10 or so sticks and place them parallel to each other at least a 30cm apart.
  • Run through the sticks without touching them.
  • If you touch a stick you are sadly out of the game.
  • Watch the last person have their turn and once they have gone through watch where the foot lands.
  • That last person can pick any one of the sticks and place it where their foot landed. (The only stick you are not allowed to touch is the first one)
  • OK once again everyone has a turn and again the person that goes last gets to pick a stick and place it where their foot landed.
  • The game gets harder and harder as the sticks are placed further and further apart and at different widths.
  • The winner is the last person to complete the run without touching the sticks